Sunday, June 1, 2014

Change of Venue

I will shortly be taking up a full-time position in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The Federal Reserve System has always been good to me, in spite of the grief I give the Fed from time to time. I'm looking forward to working with a first-class group of economic researchers, under superb leadership. We all intend to collectively move the institution forward to even bigger and better things.

Readers should not notice much difference in what I do here. I have to be a little more careful, I have to respect blackout periods around FOMC meetings, and sometimes I'll know things that I'm not permitted to tell you. You'll notice a disclaimer at the top of the page. That's essentially what appears (except for the "potshots") in the published work of Fed employees. The idea here is the same. What I write here need have nothing to do with the St. Louis Fed's position, the Federal Reserve System's position, the Board of Governors position, etc., on anything. But I don't intend to shy away from discussing policy issues.


  1. Congratulations to your new position!

    I'm glad the blog continues and I look forward to new interesting posts!

  2. Does that mean you're leaving Wash U?

  3. Congratulations to the new position, Stephen!
    I also look forward to interesting posts. I love your stuff, which does not mean I necessarily agree, but I do learn a lot.

  4. Congratulations. Hope your tenure is successful and you can instigate change for the positive from the inside.

    1. Thanks. "Instigate" is probably the wrong word.

  5. Steve, congratulations! I hope you will still keep updating your book. I will keep reading your blog with renewed interest...and try to comment less. :)

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